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The US Bank Tower in Portland, OR was dedicated on December 1 1983. Being a 42 story building, it’s the second tallest building in Portland. However, by volume, it’s the largest building in Portland. It was designed under consultation by Pietro Belluschi using granite from Spain with Copper and Silver plated glass for it’s windows. Both of which give the building it’s pink exterior, and hence it’s nickname of “Big Pink.” Due to the street grid in the city of Portland, Big PInk’s footprint doesn’t incorporate any right angles. Making the building appear skinny from one angle, while fat from another. The second image in this post is a great example of how the building appears “fat.”

I like the abstract nature of these two images. The first image in this post is taken from a few blocks away, behind Kells Neighborhood Pub along SW 1st Ave. I like the contrast between the modern windows in the Tower, and the classic windows of the older building.

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