Halloween Spiders – Maybe this Makes Your Skin Tingle?

Halloween and Dia De Los Muerta is next week – The Day of the Dead – so I want to feature some pretty cool spider related images with you. Apologies if this makes your skin tingle, but I’ll take that as a complement. This is the time of year when Hobo Spiders are just littering the area. I’ve found several crawling around my house in the last month. Hobo Spiders can bite, but they are not deadly. Don’t be afraid, they are more afraid of you then you are of them.

I found these gals hanging around in Laurelhurst Park this past week. But, as you can see, one orb had Nobody Home, She was probably mate searching or maybe a bird got her? Still makes a pretty cool image. And then there’s the spider flying a leaf kyte. I knew spiders like to fly, but never realized they could enlist help? This is pretty much BS if you’re thinking I’m talking serious. Still, it makes for a good image, albeit somewhat minimalist.

That’s typically the female you’ll see lounging around in her giant orb web. Waiting for her next meal to fly by. The males are around, but typically not web dwellers like the females. In typical spider fashion the kill and engorge the male after mating. Be sure to check your house after they leave, they like to leave little egg sacks in inconspicuous places.  I found one a few years ago, just about to burst in the frame of my back door.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post more than it made your skin crawl? If you like these images be sure to check out my previous post last year featuring some pretty cool macro spiders. Be sure to rate this post above or comment/like below. Thanks for stopping  by!

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