Hobo Spider Macros

I know this post is probably going to send chills down some peoples spins, for that I apologize, but I feel this images are really nice, I just have to post.

Here are a couple macro images I took of two Hobo Spiders that decided to set up camp in and around my home. The first spun her web in the middle of my living room. I woke up one morning to find her handing out. Before serving my eviction notice, I grabbed some lights and my camera to document the issue. Turned out pretty nice I must say.

The second spun her web right outside my front door. That was okay with me, so the eviction notice never came. She was in residence for about 3 weeks. Funny thing about it… during the 3 weeks I found a male hobo inside so I scooped him up and threw him out to visit her in front. He feel to the ground, but it just so happened, a couple days later I came home to find him trying to crawl his way into her orb. No way to know for sure if it was the same spider, but sure is coincidental. I decided to watch for a while, he was trying to get closer, then suddenly she jumped at him, chased him off. Female Hobo’s can be very aggressive toward Males that they don’t want around. It looked like she made it known that he wasn’t welcome in her orb. A couple days later there was no sign of either. Just a web left to mark the occasion. And all I got were some fairly amazing macro images.

I hope you like too. Be sure to check out more great images at my Viewbug page. Including an image that recently won an Outstanding Composition Award. I’m very excited about that. Plus, The Emerald Studio Facebook page can be found here, Be sure to “Like” today.

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