Finally! The Sun Rises Behind Mt. Hood

Twice a year from Rocky Butte, on the East Side of Portland, OR – where I-205 meets I-84 – the Sun will rise behind Mount Hood directly East. This happens over a period of about 5 days in October and February every year. Both months fall during the rainy season of the year in the Pacific Northwest so typically it’s not viewable because of the clouds.

Last year, while working on my Sunrises from Rocky Butte 2012 Series during both February and October, the clouds obscured my view so I wasn’t able to create an image of this spectacle. So, I waited, and waited. First, February 2012 didn’t present me with an opportunity to create this image. The second chance I got in October 2013, to no affect. February 2013 came and went, but still no luck. So I waited again until this month, October 2013!

I knew it was going to happen this week, but it also happens to be the time when I have to work early mornings. I photograph kids in schools for a company called Lifetouch. You may have heard of them? While I had a commitment to work, I also had one eye on the sunrise behind Mt. Hood. My experience was somewhat funny since on Wednesday Oct. 16th, the morning was clear, but I had to begin work early, so wasn’t able to get up there. The next day on Thursday I didn’t work until later in the morning so had the opportunity, however, it was foggy that morning, so again, I didn’t get a good opportunity. Friday, I had to work again, and guess what, it was clear again. Frustrating!

Saturday the 19th was clear, and I got a chance to head up to Rocky Butte. I was beyond excited. While up there, the fog began rolling in just before sunrise. It managed to hold off getting too thick until after the sunrise. Giving me the opportunity to create these two images above. Very excited about these two images. I hope you are too? Let me know by rating this post above, or leaving a comment below.

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