Red Summer Zinnias and Dahlias

Well, I stand corrected in the naming of these flowers. The two red flowers in this collection with the bee flying around are actually Zinnias, while the middle yellow and red flower is a Dahlia (although now I’m second guessing myself?). Zinnias are native to the South in North America, with some varieties spreading into Mexico. They are usually found in the wild grasslands and grow with abandon under the Summer sun. Both Zinnias and Dahlia’s are in full bloom this time of year in Portland! Everywhere I turn right now, I see these bright, and beautiful splashes  of color. The Dahlia is probably my favorite flower. They create so many beautiful and enticing colors and designs. I found these beautiful Zinnias in a garden right down the street from where I live. The middle yellow and red flower I had to walk a little distance to get this image. But it was a walk well worth the trip. Help celebrate Zinnia and Dahlias this week by sharing this post with your friends and connections.

Dahlia’s are typically native to Mexico and Central America, but of course these flowers can now be found in gardens all over the world. This flower is actually related to the Daisy, Sunflower, and chrysanthemum. There are at least 36 different species of Dahlias in existence. Being that dahlias are considered octoploids, whereas, they have 8 sets of chromosomes, when many other plants have only 2, this contributes to the great variety of dahlias found in gardens everywhere.




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