Jon Ransom Photo Session – Can you Help Please?

I was given the opportunity to perform a photo session with notable Portland area musician Jon Ransom last week. These are some of my favorite images from that session. While scouting out different Portland locations for the photo session we came across this dead Madrone Tree on Rivendale Ridge, overlooking the Swan Island Industrial area. Located in North Portland, Rivendale Ridge runs along an exclusive area of Willamette Blvd. Given that Jon’s new album is called The Chief Mourner, we figure this might be a perfect location for a photo session. We also videotaped a cool video while at the spot, you can check that out below.

As I mentioned Jon has completed his second full length album of mostly folk/rock songs. He needs your help to put the album out on vinyl. Jon believes, and I would tend to agree, that vinyl is the only true way to listen to good music. There will be digital copies available on CD, and via online download also. He’s initiated a Kickstarter campaign and is reaching out, asking for your help, to get this album printed and published. Can you help him out? Check out the Kickstarter Campaign to listen to more music from Jon and for cool rewards such as exclusive digital downloads, autographed prints, and order your own personal copy of his awesome album, “The Chief Mourner” on vinyl.

For information regarding Jon’s Free Concert coming up at Corkscrew in Sellwood Friday Aug. 15th Please visit this link.



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