Best in Photography 2014

“Dear Vincent,

“Photographer’s Forum magazine would like to thank you for entering the 34th annual Spring Photography Contest, co-sponsored by Sigma. Over 10,000 photographs were submitted by amateur photographers from the United States and Canada, as well as 63 other countries worldwide.

“Our photo editor, Neil Campbell, selected the top 14% of the entered photos to be in the Finalist Group. The judges will review all the Finalist, from which they will choose the First through Fourth Place photographs, plus 100 Honorable Mentions. The judges for this contest are all professional photographers as well as photography instructors at the college level.

“We are pleased to inform you that your entry is in the Finalist Group. As such, it will be published in the book Best of Photography 2014. The image that was chosen for publication appears as a black and white thumbnail on the enclosed card. Please review the information on the card and return it immediately to ensure that your name and photo are published accurately and that we have your correct address. Winners and Honorable Mentions will receive notification in the mail by August 11th.

“Best of Photography 2014 is a beautiful hardcover coffee-table book showcasing all the Finalist. Your work will be presented in a professional manner with faithful reproduction. As always, we will be publishing advertising by leadning photographic manufacturers. The book is sold to photographers, college libraries, and instructors of photography, art, and graphic design. We will not be going back to press to meet additional orders after the book has sold out.

“Congratulations for being in the finalist group and I wish you the best in the next round of judging.


And this is the image that got this far…

Vincent Ferguson - Foggy Forest - Digital Image
Vincent Ferguson – Foggy Forest – Digital Image


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