Ice, Ice, Baby!

I have that old Vanilla Ice song stuck in my head this morning.

It reminded me of the images in today’s post. I found these images a couple weeks ago while Portland was covered in a rare 10″ blanket of snow. I was brought up in Kansas, where, once it snows, the snow stays on the ground for months. It stays cold, and life just adjusts to the white horizon. I’m always amazed here in Portland, when we get one of these rare snow storms, it’s only cold a just a few days. Then it warms up, and the snow is literally gone within a couple days. I’m not a big fan of the snow… actually, it’s the cold I don’t like. I’ve always said, “if it could snow at 80 degrees, I’d be in heaven.” The bitter cold and I just don’t get along. I’m always thankful that the cold here in Portland sticks around for only a matter of a few days.

It was fun trying to capture these images. I put my camera on multiple shot setting (I can’t believe I don’t remember what that’s called right now?) and probably grabbed nearly 200 images, just so I could capture the water dropping from the ice. Most of the images I deleted simply because I’ll probably never do anything with them. But I also wanted a cool abstract background. I hope that’s what I got here?

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