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Vince Ferguson - S - Digital Image
Vince Ferguson – S – Digital Image

I like the simplistic nature of this image. The soft, subtle form of the horizon, from one cool color to another. What do you think? Perhaps the shadowed trees add a bit of mystique to the image? I didn’t like this image at first, but kept it around anyway, probably listing to my intuition for once. When I was reviewing some old images I came across this one and thought, “maybe I do have something here?” Give me some constructive feedback on what you think about this image! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Or simply “like” this post.




  1. I like the photo for the question and the imagination, it has many possibilities for pondering – the trail looks like an S, why, how, what does it mean etc. I like the contrast between the trees and the sky, in light and color. The only thing is that looking at the picture as a whole, the composition is such that I do not know where to focus my look.

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