Ramona Falls

I was fortunate enough to visit Ramona Falls a couple weeks back with my friend Art. As you can tell from the images above, Ramona Falls is an extremely beautiful waterfall, coming in at 120 ft in elevation. It’s located in the Mt. Hood National Forest, West of Mt. Hood. The Ramona Falls trail is an very easy hike, gaining only approx. 1000 ft in elevation throughout the trail, thus, it’s also a very popular trail among the masses. Along the way hikers get to see some pretty spectacular views of Mt. Hood and get to travel along where the Sandy River begins her 56 mile trek out to the Columbia River where the Columbia River Gorge officially begins, if you’re traveling from Portland, OR anyway. Hikers even get to traverse a part of the Pacific Crest Trail since the two trails share the same path for a time. This was only my second visit to Ramona Falls, and when I showed up this time, I couldn’t believe it had been 9 years since I’d seen this beautiful waterfall. It’s well worth the visit, and if you get the chance to visit Oregon and hike, it should be on your list of places to visit.

We didn’t get to see very much wildlife along the way, not even a squirrel, or chipmunk scurrying out of the way as we turned a corner, but we did see lot’s Rhododendron plants, at first not seeing any flowers, but as we gained elevation, seeing lots of this beautiful bush with flowers still present. I guess they were out of season in the lower elevation, but still thriving in the higher elevation. The Ramona Falls Trailhead is easy to get to after just a 5 mile drive from Hwy. 26 when it reaches the little town of Zig Zag, OR.

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