Featured Artist – Suzy Meyer

Suzy Meyer is an outstanding artist with many varied talents. She has created beautiful pieces of art in all mediums, and has also been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, working for Washington County in Oregon, while also offering counseling and therapy in a personal practice. Further, for 16 years Suzy also olunteered in Outpatient Psychology at Oregon Health and Sciences University. She is now pretty much retired and after a recent stroke is currently attempting to reprogram herself toward making a comeback in the world of creating art.

Sculpture is the medium we are featuring in today’s blog post by showcasing part of Suzy’s doll series. There are 8 of them that I’ve photographed all together, but we only have 5 pictured here today. Suzy created these while in the midst of her battle to overcome cancer. She preferred to see her battle as more of a change in the body instead of her body being damaged. Much like the dolls in this series, which she found already broken and torn apart, she gave them added life by turning them into beautiful pieces of art. Now that her cancer is in remission, I’d have to say it’s a beautiful way to win in the battle against cancer.

She is a member of the Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art, and has served as president of that organization in the past. Unfortunately, Suzy currently isn’t represented actively by a gallery, but has been a member artist in the past with The Geezer Gallery in Portland, Oregon where she was active in facilitating workshops that help people learn how to create art. She’s also been a past member of the Janovec Gallery in Portland, OR.

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