Hum… Humm… Humming… Hummingbirds

I got real lucky when I got the chance to create these images. I was down at a newly discovered flower garden trying to figure out a great way to photograph these beautiful Crocosmia flowers. I found some when a bee fluttering about and had my eye in the viewfinder of my camera taking some images, when a giant shadow crossed the image. I was startled to say the least and upon removing my eye from the viewfinder I found this hummingbird flittering right in front of me, checking me out, almost as if to say, “Hey bud, whatcha’ up too?” Well, I immediately turned my camera on to her and started snapping my camera. As you know already these are very fast creatures so I didn’t get very many good images. But she stayed on a branch long enough for me to get a few, then hovered back to the Crocosmia flower, left for a bit, then came back to sit  of the branch. Although, I think there were two flying around that evening, since in the two images I have here of the bird on the branch, one appears fatter than then other. Not sure if that’s my imagination. Anyway, I hope you like, feel free to leave a comment below, or rate this post above. Thanks for stopping by today.

I believe these are Anna’s Hummingbirds, which is a year long resident in Oregon, rather than migrating in the Winter? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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