Featured Artist – Sandee Burman Again

I recently got the opportunity to create some digital images of work created by Portland area artist Sandee Burman. I’ve featured Sandee’s work before on this blog, but it’s such wonderful landscapes, I felt I needed to feature her work again. This post is featuring only 3 pieces of Ms. Burman’s work. There’s more! Which you’ll probably get a chance to see in the upcoming future? Her work is dark and foreboding, but captures a a day in Oregon beautifully. Whether it’s sunny or inclement weather. You can have a chance to see two of Ms. Burman’s work by visiting the Fall Show 2014 at the Rental Sales Gallery in Portland. The Fall Show 2014 is scheduled for Friday, October 24th, 2014. Click on Fall Show to see the invite on Facebook. Ms. Burman is a Member Artist at the Rental Sales Gallery and got “Autumn Evening” and “Passing Clouds,” accepted as new work to the gallery and will be featured in the Fall Show, along with over 200 other new works of art created by RSG’s Member Artist.

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