Featured Artist – Sandee Burman

I’m bringing back the Featured Artists post for just a few weeks. This week I want to feature Portland area artist Sandee Burman. Ms. Burman creates these beautiful, dark landscapes with warm, gold tones to them. They are simply beautiful!

A few years back Ms. Burman got into an accident that left her seriously debilitated and she wasn’t able to produce any art work for many years. Now, she’s slowly making a comeback. Working with her rehab team she’s been able to try out a new  brace that’s allowing her to remain comfortably upright so she can get back into painting her beautiful landscapes. We’re wishing her some good luck for a change and hope that things will work out better for her in the future.

Meanwhile, enjoy some great landscapes created by Sandee Burman. If you like, leave her a comment below here at this Photo Blog to give Ms. Burman some sweet motivation.




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