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I had a couple hours between jobs in Salem, OR last week so was able to get out and walk around Willamette University. Mostly, while there, I found some great images of flowers, which you’ll see at some point at this blog. But, while walking around I managed to find some other things of interest to create some digital images of . I’m including some of these random images that I was able to find.

I guess Relay for Life was having an event on campus that day, as I saw people dressed in costumes, a lot of signs and memory cards, and of course, as the 2nd image here shows, the little fans I found across the Mill Stream that say “Relay for Life.” Kind of a cool concept this image is presenting.

While photographing some Cherry Blossoms, I heard these little birds chirping in the tree. They would flutter around quickly but pretty much stayed in the tree. I found several of them, but by the time I’d have my camera ready, they move on. But I caught a couple of them just in time. The last images is one such example. If you can help me identify what kind of bird this is, I’d greatly appreciate it?

Finally, toward the end of my stay, I came across and botanical garden tucked behind one of the buildings. What a treasure trove of flowers! Woohoo! Plus, I found this somewhat obstinate duck, just siting there on her rock in front of a waterfall. You can’t see the waterfall in this image, but I have a couple of them, which you’ll see at a late date I’m sure. This lovely lady duck (or Mallard) was sitting there on her rock. All the while, I’m creating images with camera and slowly getting close to her. She wasn’t moving that day, she wanted to stay on that rock for that moment, no matter how close I got. I didn’t need to get close, since I have a zoom lens, so I didn’t. Found some images, and went along my way. She was still sitting the when I left the area.

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You can check out more images by exploring this blog, or you can purchase prints by visiting my Viewbug profile – Emerald Studio Photography. That’s again for stopping by regularly to check out some of the images I find in my travels.




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