Bonus Post – Great Comparisons with Waterfalls

On Saturday, June 1st, I was able to visit Silver Falls State Park again. This time for Late Afternoon/Evening pics. OMG! What a difference in lighting between morning and evening!

If you follow this blog, you know that on Monday, May 20th I found myself at Silver Falls State Park at 6:30 in the morning. I spent 6 hours there that day hiking the entire 8 mile loop trail, visiting all 10 beautiful waterfalls. On June 1st, just 10 days later, I returned to hike only 4 1/2 mile starting at the Winter Falls Trailhead.

I hadn’t realized that between May 20th & June 1st, it rained at Silver Falls State Park nearly 3 inches; the Portland Metro area received over 4 inches of rain during this period. As a side note, while this amount of rainfall is normal for this time of year, this particular year, over just this 10 day period, we doubled the average amount of rainfall for the month of May.


It was the most amount of rain the area had received in the previous 3 months. Normally the wettest time of year for this region, this year, we’re experiencing somewhat of a dry spell.

Here’s a comparison shot of Middle North Falls on the North Fork of Silver Creek in Silver Falls State Park between May 20 and June 1. I’m very surprised at how closely similar the composition is for these two images in this comparison. I didn’t even do this on purpose. What a difference in the amount of runoff! And this was only 3″ of rain over a 10 day period. I’ve seen it rain loads more here in Oregon.

I feel so fortunate being able to visit spots like this. More great images to come, if there’s demand for it!  I hope you enjoy this Bonus Post! Regular posts can be expected on Saturday’s mornings at this web address.

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