Another Sneak Peek – Silver Falls, OR

Here’s another teaser image serving as a sneak preview to this coming Saturday’s blog post. More pics to come. Silver Falls State Park is about 70 miles Southeast of Portland, OR and features 10 amazing waterfalls in a little over 8 mile hike. The height range of all the waterfalls is 27′ – almost 200 feet. The trail even takes you behind 4 of the waterfalls. I hiked the whole trail, it took me about 6 hours.

What a beautiful morning that was. Fun too! This sneak peek hits a little closer to home than the one from Monday. That image featured some farmland just to the West of Silver Falls State Park. The image here features an actual waterfall from inside the park. More specifically, it’s the Upper North Falls, one of the first (highest in elevation) in the canyon running along the North Fork of Silver Creek. It’s a beautiful fall coming in at 65 ft.

More to come on Saturday – Be sure to come back and refer your friends.

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