Caterpillars Story

This is the story of a caterpillar’s trip across a what Kousa Dogwood blossom.

I like to post images in series or multiples of 3, essentially trying to tell a little short story. That’s why I was excited to find 3 halfway decent images of this caterpillar crawling across this white Dogwood blossom. When I discovered the caterpillar initially, it was sitting at the edge of the dogwood bract essentially where the middle image above shows the caterpillar. I got a couple images of her just sitting there, like trying to decide what she wanted to do. As soon as she started crawling across this bract and over the dogwood flower bunch in the middle, one couldn’t stop her if they wanted. Hmm, makes me wish I’d of slowed the shutter speed down because she raced across those white bracts. I was surprise that I didn’t find any racing streaks. Might be interesting to seeing a blurred caterpillar racing across? Maybe next time.

The story of 3, I hope you enjoy.



Mother Goose and Goslings

Okay, I found these images a couple months back while on a walk in Downtown Portland, OR. I was walking on the waterfront where, the Waterfront Blues Festival happens every 4th of July weekend. On a quieter, more serene day, one can usually find Canadian Geese mill about plucking at the grass. On this day I found goslings learning how to walk among the flock looking cute as ever. Don’t worry it may appear like I’m really close to the bird in some images, I’m not, I used my telephoto lens so I could stay out of harms way. Besides Mama and Papa Geese, and probably the rest of the flock, were watching me closely, as you can see in some images. My favorite is the gosling in the background and the blurred head other adult.



Columbia River Birds of Prey

It’s kind of funny. I was at the Eagle Sanctuary near Astoria, OR and saw no eagles. Was closer to the mouth of the Columbia River in Warrenton, OR and saw two, plus a falcon surrounded by a bunch of blackbirds.

The first image is of course a falcon. I’m not adept enough to identify the type of falcon, perhaps a Redtail? But if you look closely  in the branch to the left of the falcon, you’ll see the head of a little blackbird. This blackbird got it inside it’s head that it was going to bug the big bird of prey, 5 times it’s size. Probably because it’s nest was nearby? There were actually several blackbirds attacking, swooping, chirping and all kinds of pinching a fit while this falcon stopped by. Finally it had enough and gently flew off to another tree, blackbirds trailing behind.

The eagle is a male, I was told at the time I found this image. There was a younger fledgling sitting in this tree also. Which I guess is rear? But alas the fledgling got cropped out of this image. He couldn’t really be seen through the branches anyway.

Hope you like these images of Wildlife along the Columbia River. Remember to share.



Willamette Valley, Basket Slough

My destination for this week’s blog post shows the diversity of colors that can be found in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. I’d been wanting to stop at the Basket Slough National Wildlife Refuge for a couple years now and finally got a chance to do that recently. I had a late morning photo job in Dallas, OR and decided to leave even earlier cause it gave me a chance to visit this special place at sunrise, during the golden hour. But I only had a little bit of time, about 30 minutes, so I went back after my job was done, in the afternoon. The tree images in this post were taken at sunrise, the Camas flower image was taken in the afternoon. Believe it or not, these images were taken in the Spring, just a couple weeks before this blog post – despite the trees looking golden as if it was Autumn. The Basket Slough is a stop over destination for the Dusky Canadian Goose, and there were tons of them there on this day. I found a couple images of 100s of them roosting in a field, but it’s not a very good one, I can’t even tell that they are geese sitting there. A couple times during my visit there was a mass geese fly off, but I wasn’t in a good place to get an image of them. What a beautiful place to stop over, I almost feel jealous of the geese. If you get a chance, be sure to visit. It’s a small place, so you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time there. But until then enjoy these images and be sure to share with your friends.



Backyard Birds

There are a couple Blue Jays that have decided to nest in my backyard. They seem to nest nearby pretty much every year. I don’t know exactly where their nest is, but every time my cat goes outside, or a neighbors cat, or even raccoons, come around, the Jays are rustled from their nest, calling out to protect what’s theirs. At first, it can be pretty sweet pretty, but this particular call is the same, monotonous tone, and their call is fairly constant. So after about 5 minutes, or longer, it can start riding on the ears a little bit.

Last year, I had a couple Robins, built a nest, in the trees right outside my backdoor, but they never went further in regards to living in the nest. I think they ended a little two close to the Jays, and got an early eviction from their new home?

Finally, in today’s post we have a couple images of a Gilded Flicker. All of these birds in today’s post were difficult to photograph, but the Flicker in particular is a very skittish bird. They just don’t stick around long enough when humans are around. I don’t blame them either.

The Flicker is a cool bird in my opinion, except when they decide to peck the metal grate at the top of my chimney. Talk about loud? OMG! The first time I heard it, I didn’t know what it was, and the view point from my backyard to the chimney doesn’t make it easy to spot what might be up there making the noise. One day I walked out of my place to my car, and heard the familiar sound. I looked up and saw a Flicker pounding on the chimney top at the apartments from across the street. I was amazed. If anyone knows why they do this, please leave a comment?

Back to the Robins. This past Winter in North Portland, there was a small die off of Robins, folks didn’t know what had happened. Some tests where done on the dead birds and we discovered they had died from Alcohol Poisoning. Since the ground had frozen, they couldn’t find any worms to eat. So they turned to Holly Berries, that ended up a little more fermented then normal. How fascinating.

And Blue Jays. What can I say about Blue Jays? The bully of the bird world, they come into an area and bully their way about. I remember one morning while camping a long way back. I’m sleeping outside in the bag next to a picnic table. Early that morning, just as it was getting light, a Blue Jay comes up onto the table and starts squawking away. Waking me up from a very nice sleep. I haven’t been a very big fan of Blue Jays every since. They are indeed beautiful birds however.

I hope you enjoy this week’s post. Be sure to visit back next Saturday and every Saturday, for great images from my attempts at Documenting the Portland area, and beyond.

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Another Sneak Peek – Silver Falls, OR

Here’s another teaser image serving as a sneak preview to this coming Saturday’s blog post. More pics to come. Silver Falls State Park is about 70 miles Southeast of Portland, OR and features 10 amazing waterfalls in a little over 8 mile hike. The height range of all the waterfalls is 27′ – almost 200 feet. The trail even takes you behind 4 of the waterfalls. I hiked the whole trail, it took me about 6 hours.

What a beautiful morning that was. Fun too! This sneak peek hits a little closer to home than the one from Monday. That image featured some farmland just to the West of Silver Falls State Park. The image here features an actual waterfall from inside the park. More specifically, it’s the Upper North Falls, one of the first (highest in elevation) in the canyon running along the North Fork of Silver Creek. It’s a beautiful fall coming in at 65 ft.

More to come on Saturday – Be sure to come back and refer your friends.

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Second Chance – Taking Flight

Well, I almost didn’t have a post for today. Although I’m trying to stick to my posting once a week, every Saturday. I awoke on this Saturday with no post ready, just a busy week. But while fulfilling my regular volunteer shift at the Rental Sales Gallery in Portland, OR, my co-worker – Jenny Watson, just started reviewing my Osprey image of last week. If you may remember last week I visited an osprey’s nest on the side of the highway in North-Western Oregon, I post 5 images from this session on my blog last week. While Jenny and I were thumbing through all the Osprey images from that session, we started making tweaks to some of the images. Before we know, I had a post for today! Yeah! So, this post is dedicated to Jenny! Thanks for making my Saturdays at the gallery more fun!.

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Peace, and have a great weekend.


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