Second Chance – Taking Flight

Well, I almost didn’t have a post for today. Although I’m trying to stick to my posting once a week, every Saturday. I awoke on this Saturday with no post ready, just a busy week. But while fulfilling my regular volunteer shift at the Rental Sales Gallery in Portland, OR, my co-worker – Jenny Watson, just started reviewing my Osprey image of last week. If you may remember last week I visited an osprey’s nest on the side of the highway in North-Western Oregon, I post 5 images from this session on my blog last week. While Jenny and I were thumbing through all the Osprey images from that session, we started making tweaks to some of the images. Before we know, I had a post for today! Yeah! So, this post is dedicated to Jenny! Thanks for making my Saturdays at the gallery more fun!.

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Peace, and have a great weekend.



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