Well I’ve been humbled due to the minimal response I got from last week’s post. I’m bummed because I thought the images included in my Mt. Hood Sunrises post were the best images in my 3 part Sunrise series, but yet, I only garnered two “likes” from fellow WordPress users and the general public. Compare that to the phenomenal response I received from the first two parts in the three part series –  The Mt. St. Helens Sunrises & the Abstract Sunrises posts. I guess I need to do some more learning in regards to what you’ll like in a photography blog and what you don’t.

Well, I hope you enjoy this week’s post of Moon/Lunar images. These were taken throughout the year of 2012. We had a Blue Moon in August of that year and I rode my bike up to Rocky Butte on the Eastern edge of Portland, Oregon to captured some images.

Also, in July 2012 we got to see Jupiter and Venus rise over the horizon soon after the morning crescent moon rose.

I hope you like these images. You can purchase prints by visiting my ViewBug profile.

And, as always, you can find me on Facebook.

Peace, and have a great weekend.



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