The Days are Getting Longer!

Daylight Saving begins on Sunday, Mar 11th! As we move further into the light of the season, the days will get longer, the nights shorter. I saw cherry blossoms on a tree in the park the other day. I also saw my first Rhododendron flowers the other day. Beautiful yellow crocuses line the sidewalk along my neighbors house. Daffodils will start popping up their yellow heads, mimicking the sun as it’s presence warms things up a little more. I wanted to share some images of light I’ve taken over the previous Winter while working on my Sunrise Series. Sunrise Series? You may be asking yourself? Well you’ll be seeing those images coming up on my blog soon too. In the meantime enjoy these images of light to tide you over. If you want to see more great images, be sure to visit my Facebook Page. You’ll get to enjoy a lot more great images.





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