Floral Post to Bring Some Color into our grey Portland Weather Life

Here are a couple images of flowers that I took over the previous awesome Summer we had here in Portland. Both images are of Iris’. I love this flower, There’s so much variety inherent with each one, and as the first image here shows, they have some very awesome designs. I always feel like I’m kind of invading the flower’s privacy when I take up close images like this first one here. I want to thank the flower to allowing me into it’s personal life.

With the second image of the yellow iris on green background. I really like how solid the green background is in this image. This combined with the yellow flower makes for some very beautiful contrast between the two. Besides the fact that this image has some religious hints to it’s subject.

I hope you like these images. Feel free to leave comments below. For more great images check out my Facebook page by following this link – The Emerald Studio Facebook page.

You can also check out more images, and buy small prints of these images, at my View Bug page

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