Post 6b – Happy 4th of July!

I am very fortunate to be able to live in Portland, OR where every year since 2004, I’ve been able to visit the Tom McCall Waterfront Park along the Willamette River for their fireworks display on July 4th. It’s a totally festive atmosphere with the Waterfront Blues Festival happening. It must be 100’s of thousands of people that fill the waterfront park, both sides of the river, and along the bridges. It’s eclectic, with something different happening around every corner. One of my favorite Portland traditions has me riding my bike down to the river’s east side, locking it up, walking over the Hawthorne bridge to overlook the Blues Festival grounds, enjoy a little dancing on the bridge, then walking around to my favorite spot to photograph the fireworks. These images were created there and are only two of my favorite collection from this session. For more great images, please visit my Facebook album and while you’re there become a fan today so I can reach my goal of 100.

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