Self with Sinatra

Vince Ferguson - Self with Sinatra
Vince Ferguson – Self with Sinatra

If you’re a regular followers of this blog, you’ll remember just last week I shared a memorial series of posts featuring my roommate cat, Sinatra. After 18 years, Sinatra woke up on Sunday morning, Nov. 9th and decided that his heart just couldn’t take another day. I’m not even a cat person but this guy practically turned me into one, simply by being a respectful, beautiful, friendly, and merciless when he came across a passing rodent.

I wanted to share one last image of this great cat. An intimate portrait of him and myself cuddling, me kissing his forehead. This image was created just two days before his passing. One can kind of tell, he was probably feeling like he wouldn’t be around for very much longer, and sure enough, two days later he transitioned. I hope you like this intimate portrait. I wasn’t sure about sharing this image, since it’s so personal, but I got some feedback from several folks who encouraged me to share with you. I hope you like it. Rest in Peace Sinatra.




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