Farewell to A Great Cat, Part 1

Sinatra's official portrait from a few years back.
Sinatra’s official portrait from a few years back.

My friend and roommate for 16 years, Sinatra, transitioned this morning. His old heart just couldn’t take another day is this world, he woke up, tried to eat a little bit, convulsed, then laid down on his side one last time. It was literally that quick. He was already sick and we had scheduled a visit from the doctor for tomorrow, to assist in his transition, but Sinatra wanted to be in control of when he went, just as he’s done pretty much all of his 18 years. Rest in Peace Big Cat!

We came together during a 4 month spell of living in a 1947 Greyhound Bus on a small commune in Northern California. In fond remembrance of this great cat, I plan to release an image and story of his life here on this blog every day for the next week, my mourning period.

Rest in Peace Sinatra




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