Fishing Platforms on the Deschutes River

Sherars Falls along the Deschutes River in Northern Central Oregon, just a few miles before it drains into the Mighty Columbia River. Named after Joseph Sherar, who owned, and invested in, the bridge nearby during the late 1800’s. Sherars Falls has always been a popular crossing spot over the Deschutes River. It’s also been a favorite fishing spot among regional natives for a long time before that. The platforms they build along the river allow access to fishing so they may provide sustenance to their families, along with entertainment for passersby by providing demonstrations for all to see. Sherars Falls is not as nice as the infamous Celilo Falls, which is now buried under a reservoir in the Columbia River behind The Dalles Dam, but decent none-the-less. Here are some images I found a couple years back while on a visit to White River Falls. It was a sunny day, and fortunately our visit was timed decent enough to get a different play of the blaring sun shining down on the river.

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