Cold? This Might Keep You Warm!

Vince Ferguson - The Sun - Digital Image
Vince Ferguson – The Sun – Digital Image

Maybe this image will provide you with some warmth on a cold Winter morning? I created this image yesterday morning – Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014 – while up at Rocky Butte during the sunrise. I think I should have taken this image at a higher ISO on my camera, but perhaps it’s still not bad?

I took some traditional landscape images yesterday too, but while there I thought to myself, I haven’t taken an up close images of the Sun in a long time? Check out my previous attempts on a visit to this blog post. So, I stuck around a little while after the sun came above the horizon and captured her in all her glory. The traditional Landscapes I believe, will become a short series during this later part of the Winter, in the North? As long as the weather cooperates, and with it being a very dry Winter this year, so far, it’s looking like I’ll have no problem. I plan to photograph the sunrise every week until the sun rises to the North of Mount Hood, as seen from Rocky Butte, essentially tracking the sunrise as it moves North. This will be the first post in that series.

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