Abstract Water

I created these images a couple years ago while on an outing to Eagle Creek and Punch Bowl Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. One of my favorite hikes, it’s an easy one. It only takes about 45 minutes to get to Punch Bowl, up the Eagle Creek Trail. These images were taking just below the Falls, with my camera simply pointing down at the water.

Like I said above I created these a couple years ago and at first, I thought there wasn’t very much to these images. But, while they stayed stored on my computer, they kept come up for me to see them in various different situations. I’ve grown to like these over the last couple years. Indeed I’ve created a few Digital Mandalas from the middle image. You’ll get to see those in an upcoming Digital Mandala post. I hope you like this week’s post. Leave a comment, or like, below. Or Vote in the poll above. Enjoy!




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