Bedroom Tea Party

Vince Ferguson - Bedroom Tea Party - Digital Image
Vince Ferguson – Bedroom Tea Party – Digital Image

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Laurelhurst Park in Portland, Oregon is easily my favorite park. Of course, I’m somewhat bias, since I live just 2 blocks away. But, really, it is definitely an extraordinary park. It’s 5 Portland blocks long and 4 blocks wide, and bordered by some of the most beautiful houses in Portland.

What I really like about this park is all of the old trees. All different kinds of trees, Magnolias, Chinese Redwoods, Sequoia, Larch, Douglas Fir, etc, etc,. I’d almost swear there’s probably every species of trees living in that park. Along one of the paths, there exists a tree with an opening at the base of it. It’s perfect for placing different objects withing. For the nearly 8 years that I’ve lived down the street from this park, I’d walk in the park nearly daily, and whenever I’d walk by this one particular tree, there’s always something different placed there. There’s been single objects there, like this Magnolia Flower Blossom. There’s been groups of objects found. Objects have been placed there in remembrance of people unknown. And various scenes created like the image in this post. It’s always fun to walk by to  see what’s happening in the tree.

This time I walked by and saw this little bedroom re-created within. And, I had my camera with me that time. So, I was able to capture the scene permanently. I’m calling this image Bedroom Tea Party.




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