Autumn Colors in Oregon

These are just some random images I created on a recent walk through Laurelhurst Park in Portland, Oregon.

I make this post as I ponder over the fact that, this blog will surpass the 10,000 Lifetime views today. That means the visitors to my page generated 10,000 clicks through my website/blog in the year and a half I’ve been posting – this will probably happen the day this post comes out -Thursday Nov. 14, 2013. I can’t help to question… Is that good? I mean, I’m impressed that so many folks have gotten to enjoy the images I create. I’ve never done a blog before, so I don’t know what to measure things by? I’m thankful also, for the 75 followers I’ve generated, and I’ve reached over 100 followers on Facebook. But one thing that doesn’t happen is commenting? I mean, even when I encourage folks to give me feedback, I rarely get any feedback? The commenting just doesn’t happen on this blog? Why is that? What do others experience with their blogs? How long did it take you to reach 10,000 views? How did you feel about your blog when you reached that point?

I feel invigorated, and am happy to continue sharing. I like being a photographer and am doing something I really love to do. And, I like sharing not just my images, but images from other great photographers and artists work. Both thru the “Photo Essays” posts, and the “Featured Artist” posts respectively. Though, to be honest, I need more artists work to photograph, so make those referrals today! All artists that I photograph will be featured on this blog. And I hope to see more great images coming in 2014.

Meanwhile, enjoy these images for this week and thanks for stopping by today!




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