Featured Artist – Sally Cohen

Sally Cohen - Harbor Lights, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"
Sally Cohen – Harbor Lights, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 40″

I  want to feature one image this week. This is an image I created of Sally Cohen’s oil on canvas work title “Harbor Lights.” For what’s probably obvious reasons, this piece was really difficult to replicate digitally. It’s really dark, and because of the finish, it’s a little shinny. Which creates a lot of reflection. But if you zoom in really close, you can see a good size harbor town in the distance. I had to bring this piece over to my home studio in order to get a good image. The only place I had room to set up was in the Living Room. It only took 42 exposures in 2 hours!  Lot’s of lighting replacement before I settled on using the speed lights. My living room looked like a multi-room fort with all the black backdrops I had to put up to minimize reflection. I think I did a pretty good job? What do you think? Leave a comment below or rate above.

Sally Cohen is represented by the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery and the Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, OR.

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