Photo Session with Art!

I coordinated a photo session with new client Art Bousel at a couple weeks back. Today’s blog post features my 5 favorite images from this session. Art Bousel spends his time being a lawyer and consulting with other lawyers on how to improve their practice. All in the Portland, OR area.

We initially planned for this session to take place at the International Rose Garden in Washington Park, overlooking Downtown Portland. I felt like yellow flowers might be the best background for Art and knowing that Art loves roses, it seemed like the most appropriate place. But when we got there at our designated time, the place was packed with people. There was a Summer Concert going on that we didn’t know was going to be happening. It’s not easy conducting a photo session with lot’s of people around, so instead we decided to change to location to Peninsula Park in North Portland. We headed up that way and found it to be a more amenable location.

If you’d like an outdoor photo session scheduled for you and/or your family. Either family pictures or images to be used in professional publications. Call us today to schedule your appointment. Right now with the evening lights after a work day is a great time for evening sessions. It can take place any place of your choice, including your own backyard. I’m portable and can give you multiple options with different expressions, depicting different attitudes that you might want to present. The sessions only have to last an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Contact me today to reserve your spot.

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