Yellow Rose in Oregon

C. Vincent Ferguson - Yellow Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Yellow Rose – Digital Image

Western Civilization’s love affair with the rose was well established before the Yellow Rose came into play. As recent as the 18th Century, the only roses known and cultivated were Pink, white and probably red. That is until a yellow rose was discovered in the Middle East, and the known rose world we thrown into turmoil. Suddenly every gardener had to have a yellow rose in their garden. However, at that time the yellow rose failed to bring a sweet fragrance into the world when blooming. Cultivation practices soon changed all that. Now, less than 200 years later, not only do we have several different varieties of beautiful yellow roses, but all emit a sweet fragrance for nose stimulation as well as visual stimulation.

Unfortunately you the reader cannot enjoy the sweet fragrance of this particular yellow rose in today’s post, but I hope you can find the visual stimulation a welcome substitute? The variety of this rose is called Henry Fonda which is a variety first cultivated in 1996. Enjoy today’s celebration of the rose flower and share with your connections. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more in this blog’s celebration of the rose flower this month.




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