Chihuly Rose Flower

Today’s featured rose is the Chihuly Rose Flower! For those who don’t know, this rose is named after Dale Chihuly, although I only found one reference to that. I would like to find more information to support this, but for now, I think I can live with saying this. Dale Chihuly is an artist who predominantly focuses on creating items with glass. He is based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. There is Chihuly Garden of Glass dedicated to his work in glass at the Seattle Center in Seattle, WA. It’s an extremely beautiful visit the next time you are there. I think the images in this post may not be truly representative of this particularly rose? First we have a red and white variety and then a mostly yellow variety. The yellow one here is probably the closest representative? The flower is supposed to have reds, yellows, oranges, and even apricot colors to it. But here’s one for variety.

Be sure to share this with your connections. Come back tomorrow around noon as we continue this month long celebration of the rose flower.




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