Calla Lilies in Winter!

These orange, yellow and red Calla Lilies are perfect for viewing on a cold, Winter day.

I haven’t posted any flowers on this blog lately, and I was going through some of the best flowers that I found over the last year and found these Calla Lily images. These aren’t GREAT images, but they are okay. I wish they were a little more in focus. But I’ve cleaned them up a little bit and hope they are as presentable as can be.

When I came across these Calla Lilies, I had never seen any color other than white. I guess there are all sorts of colors, and being a flower photographer, I can’t wait to see different colors. These orange and red flowers are perfect to view on a Winter Day like today.

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  1. Beautiful I love lilies!


    January 24, 2015 at 10:35 am