New Years Peace Lily

Peace Lily Meditation Guess what’s blooming in the studio right now?

I’ve been watching this little Peace Lily bud for a couple weeks now. It was on New Year’s day is when I first found this bud. I was actually photographing another Peace Lily flower on the other side of the plant. This bud was just emerging from the leaf stalk that it comes from. Since then I’ve been watching it emerge from the leaves of its plant.

The other day, while I’m sitting at my computer editing images, I saw this scene come to light. This little meditation figure is on the window sill behind the Peace Lily bud. Throw in a little tea light, and it’s kind of a cool image. I barely had to get up from my chair. Perfect, given the political activities of this month?

I hope your day is filled with a little bit of peace and a whole lot of Love. And perhaps this post will contribute to that in some love filled way?

To check out more images check out this link – New Year Peace Lily



Calla Lilies in Winter!

These orange, yellow and red Calla Lilies are perfect for viewing on a cold, Winter day.

I haven’t posted any flowers on this blog lately, and I was going through some of the best flowers that I found over the last year and found these Calla Lily images. These aren’t GREAT images, but they are okay. I wish they were a little more in focus. But I’ve cleaned them up a little bit and hope they are as presentable as can be.

When I came across these Calla Lilies, I had never seen any color other than white. I guess there are all sorts of colors, and being a flower photographer, I can’t wait to see different colors. These orange and red flowers are perfect to view on a Winter Day like today.

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Stargazing Lilies

Stargazing Lilies have to be my favorite in the lily family? They are extremely beautiful and is a hybrid Lily in the Oriental group. The flower first came into existence in 1974 and California lily breeder Leslie Woodriff is credited with have founded this flower. It’s toxic to cats only and can cause many uncomfortable ailments for them. I always look forward to seeing this flower in the late Summer. I always seem to remember where the Stargazing Lilies are in my neighborhood. I like returning every year to see what kind of changes happened over the previous year. These flowers don’t really change much.

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