Blurry Portland Morning

Vince Ferguson - Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon - Digital Image
Vince Ferguson – Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon – Digital Image

Here’s a bonus image I wanted to share with everyone. I normally don’t post on Saturdays, but this morning I felt compelled to share.

I found this image last month on an early morning photo session down on the waterfront. I’ve been working on this image ever since and think I’ve found a decent version. The image wasn’t perfect to start with, if was mainly just out of focus. But I like the composition, so decided to work with the image to see what kind of post shot editing I could incorporate. I think the blurriness of the image works. It’s kind of dark, and the fog adds more mystery to the image. The lighting very much contrasting with reality and the darkness in the image at the same time.

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