Zaatar Lebanese Restaurant

My photography adventures this week included a visit to the Zaatar Lebanese Restaurant in the Pearl District of Portland, OR. Andre runs the place, he’s the one with the big welcoming smile as you walk in the door. The decor of the place includes a soft green palette of colors with exquisite decorative and intricate lanterns adorning each table. Despite Zaatar being in the middle of a bustling part of the district, the sidewalk seating outside of the restaurant feels like one is in a sort of garden setting. The true treasure of this place is the food. Andre and Zaatar are open for lunch and dinner everyday and have a catering component to their business as well. My visit during lunch time allowed me to find these images above feature their chicken line of delectable Mediterranean favorites. That’s the Chicken and Rice plate on the left above. In the middle is their Chicken Schwarma Sandwich. To the right is the Chicken Salad Plate. I was also fortunate to get an opportunity to photograph some of their deserts and catering items as well. I’ll feature those images in an upcoming post.

When I visit a restaurant I tend to be one of those who is visiting because I have a taste for something specific the place I’m visiting makes. Meaning, when I have a hankering for something specific, I’m usually thinking about visiting a restaurant that does that particular thing really well. I visit that place and that’s what I get. If I have a hankering for something else I visit another place that makes it. I rarely branch out and try something else that a place might offer. I’m getting better at experimenting with trying new things, but right now, the Chicken Schwarma Sandwich is my favorite item at Zaatar. But that’s not to leave out their flatbread, freshly, wood-fired baked, on site. I can site there and eat nothing but their flatbread and special Zaatar seasoning that I can use for a dip. It’s simply delicious.

So, when you’re visiting the Pearl District and looking for an awesome Mediterranean place, I hope you take the time to visit Zaatar in the the Gregory Lofts building on the corner of NW 11th Ave and Flanders. Just look for the lime green umbrellas on the corner, pull up a chair and take a break from your bustling life, and enjoy some great food.




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