Mardi Gras Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - Mardi Gras - Digital Image Rose
C. Vincent Ferguson – Mardi Gras – Digital Image Rose

Today’s featured rose is just simply beautiful. The blend of red, orange and pink colors lends to a diverse selection of different looking flowers. Each bud on a bush looks like a different flower. It can be a lot of fun to explore the different types. You can see the different varieties by visiting some of the other posts on this blog, just this month. Post such as – Mardi Gras Rose Squared, or one of the images in the Really Rosy Abstracts post is a Mardi Gras Rose, or my Happy Mother’s Day post from last month.  Here’s a good look at the Mardi Gras Rose in full bloom. Enjoy and come back tomorrow for more Rose flowers, we’re posting all month.

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