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The Life of a Crappy Photographer

Mandala 05

It’s been a little over 4 years now since I’ve been creating posts for this blog! I knew at the very beginning that I wasn’t an awesome photographer, but I figured I had promise and was eager to become at least a decent photography. It was my objective to post images mainly for myself so I could look back on my posts and see the progress I make toward creating better images.

I kind of figured I’d pick up a few followers along the way? I have a few followers but none of them ever actually visit my blog. I average zero (0) visitors per day. Unless WordPresses algorithms¬† aren’t accurately recording the number of visits to my blog, which would be a major concern of mine, but I have no way of actually verifying the number of visitors on a daily basis, so I guess I would never know whether WordPress is inaccurately recording the number of visitors to my blog? I don’t see why WordPress wouldn’t want an accurate picture of visitors to the blogs they host? But my average number of visitors remains at zero. That means that occasionally I might get a visitor or two on my blog, but most days I get zero visits. It’s good thing I’m only doing this for myself, because I’m sure not very successful at it. Probably because I remain a crappy photographer. I keep trying though.

Case in point, my last blog post telling a Caterpillar Story about crawling on a Kousa Dogwood Bract. Are these images perfect? Probably not, but I think they are pretty cool anyway. But judging from the response I got on the post, namely only 4 people have actually “liked” that post. I figured that post would blow up with it’s cuteness? But far from it. Fewer than zero number of visitors stopped by my blog to check that post out. So essentially, no one except for me is liking my photography. That kind of hurts.

Anyway, this is where I stand right now 4 years after starting this blog. and a little under 3 years in posting on my 2 Quote A Flower and Daily Digital Mandala blogs. All three generate an average of zero visitors per day. As I posted a few weeks back on my Marching Towards 1000 Mandalas post, I’m coming up on having created 1000 Digital Mandalas. This is something I’m pretty proud anyway, even if no on else is. I just think that’s impressive but praise for that achievement I will not get. Because nobody will know about it. Anyway, the image above is from that collection of 1000 Digital Mandalas. It’s one of my favorites. From a digital image of a bee hovering over a Sea Holly flower. I’m a little under 50 posts away from 1000 posts on the Daily Digital Mandala Blog. I should be posting my 1000th Digital Mandala on Sept 27th next month. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a less than stellar celebration, because nobody else cares.