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Three Moods of the Trillium Flower

Trillium flowers are blooming. This poor flower is almost extinct in some places. It’s so beautiful people can’t resist the temptation to pick it and take it home.

First off, it won’t last! Second, Don’t! In some places it’s illegal!

But, if you pick this flower it won’t get the opportunity to collect it’s all important energy that enables it bloom next year. This flower depends on it’s above ground parts to collect the energy from the Sun and send it down to the root underground for storage. The longer it has the opportunity to do that the more energy it has forĀ  continued blooms. So, take pictures all you want, but leave it where you find it. Don’t fulfill that temptation.




Beautiful Flowers

Here are a couple beautiful floral images to brighten your winter gray day, and hopefully get you through to the Spring time?

One would think that the Iris is my favorite flower, given all the Images of Irises I have created. Probably not here on my blog, but check out my View Bug page to see more. But it’s actually not, the Trillium flower of the Redwood Forests is my favorite flowers. That doesn’t mean the Iris isn’t a beautiful flower. It definitely is! And these are great images to prove it. I’ve got an image of a Trillium here too. Plus, an image of a Magnolia Flower, that I’ve recently taken. I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment, and check out more great images at my Facebook page.