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Queensland Tulip

A couple weeks ago upon visiting my local Tulip flower farm, I decided to bring home a planter full of Tulip Queensland variety of flowers to photograph under my lights in the home studio. This week those Tulip Queensland flower are in full bloom and this is what I was able to capture of that group. I spent a morning creating images of these flowers from different perspectives, but mostly macro and closeup images. I also moved my lights around and experimented with different lighting situations. What I present here in this post are just some of the images I found during this session. They make for some pretty interesting macro images! What do you think?




Happy Valentines Day!

C. Vincent Ferguson – Red Rose Bud – Digital Image

Happy Valentines Day!



Tiffany Pink Rose Bud

C. Vincent Ferguson - Tiffany Pink Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Tiffany Pink Rose – Digital Image

Yves Piaget Pink Rose Bud

C. Vincent Ferguson - Yves Piaget Pink Rose Bud - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Yves Piaget Pink Rose Bud – Digital Image

This rose has got to be the champion of rose. When fully bloomed it has a large bulbous pink head that spirals toward the center of the flower. Vividly pink and will grow individually or in groups. Named after a the Swiss clockmaker who initially cultivated this rose is sturdy and produces many bouquets throughout a growing season. But don’t forget the fragrance, it’s strong and sweet on all accounts. This little pink bud has a lot to look forward to.

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Pink Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - Pink Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Pink Rose – Digital Image

I wouldn’t mind being shown a little Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation today? If you like this image please share! I’m not getting very much attention these days in regards to posts on this blog. It’s feeling very lonely out here.



Tiffany – Another Pink Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - Tiffany Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Tiffany Rose – Digital Image

Well, I’ve been a flower taking nerd so far this season. The Flower Season that is. I’ve taken nearly 2000 images of flower so far this season. Out of those, I’ve found nearly 600 in my goal to reach 730 images of flowers this year. The season is only a quarter of the way done, it’s been a spectacular year for flowers. I can not walk by the garden without wanting to take some images. I could probably reach 1000 images of flowers this year. Out of all the different types of flowers I’ve created digital images of, the rose is by far the most prevalent. I’ve found 72 images of different varieties of roses so far this year. The public rose gardens in Portland have the varietal type of rose posted in each garden, so we know the particular variety of each rose. This year, I’ve kept special attention to these postings so hopefully not only will you be seeing a rose in my posts, but on many of the images you’ll get to see the special variety of the rose in each image.

This particular rose in today’s post is a Tiffany Rose. Very soft pink petals with just a hint of yellow emanating from it’s center. The color yellow in a rose symbolizes joy, gladness, and friendship, the pink represents love, gratitude and appreciation. This Tiffany Rose brings those two meaning together into one flower.

To celebrate the number of images I’ve found so far this year, I want to present some of these 72 images of roses I’ve found. Beginning June 1st, I’m going to post a Rose image every day for 21 days. Why 21? I don’t know, just seemed like a good number. So, if you visit often you’ll get to see some of the beautiful roses I’ve come across this year. It’s been a great experience finding all these roses.

Oh, and wanted to give profs to the 2015 Festival of Roses in Portland. Congratulations on another great festival.



Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation

Yves Piaget Pink Rose, Rose, Rosa, Rosaceae

Vincent Ferguson – Yves Piaget Pink Rose – Digital Image

Just wanted to show a little Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation on this Thursday Evening.

Yves Piaget Pink Rose



Purple and Pink Flowers

This week’s post is a great example of what can be photographed right out side your door.

I have a beautiful Azalea bush that blooms bright pink flower every Spring, right out side the front door of where I live. In the 9 years I’ve lived where I’m at, I’ve always looked forward to seeing this azalea bush bloom. This year, I added a Purple Iris flower into the front yard bloomage and decided to bring the two together. I went through the blooms on the azalea bus and picked out on the flowers that had run their course. I threw them into a tray and scattered about, creating a beautiful pink collage. Then I placed the Purple Iris on top. I placed the tray in the natural light right outside my front door, and went to get my tripod and camera. This week’s post presents three of the images I created during this session. To create these images, I didn’t have to step more than 10 feet away from the front door of where I live. Love the colors here. Plus, these images will make some beautiful Digital Mandalas, below I’m adding just one of those Digital Mandalas I sat and created yesterday. Be on the lookout for more coming up on the Digital Mandala Blog.

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Vince Ferguson - "V" - Digital Mandala

Vince Ferguson – “V” – Digital Mandala

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Gone, but not Forgotten

Vince Ferguson - Rose Tyler - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Rose Tyler – Digital Image

A Daughter of Eve

by Christina Rossetti

A fool I was to sleep at noon,
And wake when night is chilly
Beneath the comfortless cold moon;
A fool to pluck my rose too soon,
A fool to snap my lily.

My garden-plot I have not kept;
Faded and all-forsaken,
I weep as I have never wept:
Oh it was summer when I slept,
It’s winter now I waken.

Talk what you please of future spring
And sun-warm’d sweet to-morrow:—
Stripp’d bare of hope and everything,
No more to laugh, no more to sing,
I sit alone with sorrow.