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Orlando Florida Sunflower Opens

C. Vincent Ferguson - Sunflower Opens - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Sunflower Opens – Digital Image

I’m deeply saddened by the events that happened in Florida Sunday morning. June is normally the month of pride for the LGBT Community. Has been every year for as long as I can remember. It’s a time when folks come together to celebrate their differences and express love and appreciation for that difference. This expression of love and appreciation suffered a direct attach because of people who are indifferent toward those emotions. I feel sorry for those people who have to support hate and indifference toward others. Your isolation is what worries me most. There’s not one ounce of caring left in your soul that you have to attack others in their expression of love? It’s really just pitiful.

I come from a background with a family overcome with hatred and nonacceptance. Not only because I’m Gay, but they tend not to understand or take into account the feelings of anyone that crosses their path. I feel sorry for them, because they can’t see past their blinding ignorance. I wish it would change, but they have to change themselves. I can only encourage and remain dedicated to who I am and live the best possible life, in peace and acceptance, that I can.

I remember growing up in a suburb outside of Kansas City. My mother was originally from Mississippi, Dad was from Pennsylvania. They met in Florida while Dad was in the Navy. Moved to Kansas so that he could work at TWA for 30 years. They raised a big ole Catholic family. I have 6 siblings and every year at Spring Break we all would hop into the car and take the trip to Mississippi to visit Mom’s family. I absolutely loved those trips, squeezed into the Oldsmobile, or in the later years we moved up and were to able to afford a Chevy Caprice Classic wagon. What an ugly car! And ours was this puke green color. I’m not sure why that particular car ended up being the chosen one?

One year on a visit to my grandmothers, I was playing in the front yard of my grandmother’s house, with a few siblings and cousins. It was kind of early in the morning and I guess it was garbage day? There was the garbage truck slowly moving it’s way up the street. Driven and operated by an older African American man. Well, older? To me at that age all men were older. As he picked up the can in front of my grandmother’s house he threw it over the back of the truck, a few things spilled over the side and on to the street. My grandmother was out the kitchen door almost immediately and began yelling at the poor guy! Calling him every name in the book! “God-damned N-word!” Yelling at the top of her voice. I was shocked that it was happening, let alone so publicly. I couldn’t believe my Grandmothers expression of hatred toward this man, and I felt sorry for the poor Garbage Truck Operator. That incident was one of the first times where I saw such an expression of hatred and intolerance and it’s made an indelible mark on my mind every since.

I’ve never been someone who has a lot of disposable income. But I want to help the victims in Orlando, Florida anyway that I can. Then I thought, “maybe I could offer a photograph?” So, I’ve decided to donate the proceeds from this image – Sunflower Opens – posted above as sold through Fine Art America. I haven’t sold any prints of this image yet and think it’s a beautiful one. It’s one of my favorites.

When a tragedy unfolds like the one in Florida this past weekend, believe it or not it opens the door to new opportunities. That’s what this opening Sunflower represents to me. It’s the opening up of a new flower, like the opening up of new relationships and opportunities. Plus, to me this image has a peaceful, almost serene quality within.

Please feel free to visit the listing for this print at Sunflower Opens at Fine Art America.

I end every post I’ve put on this blog with the word Peace. I try and end every conversation I have with the word Peace. Because I believe we need more Peace the the world.


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