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New Years Peace Lily

Peace Lily Meditation Guess what’s blooming in the studio right now?

I’ve been watching this little Peace Lily bud for a couple weeks now. It was on New Year’s day is when I first found this bud. I was actually photographing another Peace Lily flower on the other side of the plant. This bud was just emerging from the leaf stalk that it comes from. Since then I’ve been watching it emerge from the leaves of its plant.

The other day, while I’m sitting at my computer editing images, I saw this scene come to light. This little meditation figure is on the window sill behind the Peace Lily bud. Throw in a little tea light, and it’s kind of a cool image. I barely had to get up from my chair. Perfect, given the political activities of this month?

I hope your day is filled with a little bit of peace and a whole lot of Love. And perhaps this post will contribute to that in some love filled way?

To check out more images check out this link – New Year Peace Lily




Happy Valentines Day!

C. Vincent Ferguson – Red Rose Bud – Digital Image

Happy Valentines Day!



Tiffany Pink Rose Bud

C. Vincent Ferguson - Tiffany Pink Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Tiffany Pink Rose – Digital Image

Yves Piaget Pink Rose Bud

C. Vincent Ferguson - Yves Piaget Pink Rose Bud - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Yves Piaget Pink Rose Bud – Digital Image

This rose has got to be the champion of rose. When fully bloomed it has a large bulbous pink head that spirals toward the center of the flower. Vividly pink and will grow individually or in groups. Named after a the Swiss clockmaker who initially cultivated this rose is sturdy and produces many bouquets throughout a growing season. But don’t forget the fragrance, it’s strong and sweet on all accounts. This little pink bud has a lot to look forward to.

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Rose Macro I

C. Vincent Ferguson - Rose Macro - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Rose Macro – Digital Image


by Tina K

Where are you going, where have you been?
My dear, close, and quiet friend,
As we sit in the soft springtime Saturday’s end
Taking comfort in each other once again.

Tell me your stories and I’ll tell you mine;
And so we will pass a few hours time
With the quaint and the comic and even sublime –
Silently searching for that elusive sign.

We’ll fashion the future and polish the past,
Allowing the memories to amass;
While the grains of sand slip through the glass
‘Til a tranquil lull pervades at last.

Conversation fades with the eve’s golden light,
We cannot go on, try though we might;
So you gather me an embrace so tight,
And we wistfully, longingly say goodnight.

Pink Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - Pink Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Pink Rose – Digital Image

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Cutta the Blue

Like the Waves from the Shore

by Marge Tindall

I must now ebb
The time has come
to sail my oceans

Rolling away from you
like the waves from the shore
rippling out to the vastness of the sea
that beckons my ship of folly

I’ll not ask you
to stand the night vigil
on the shoreline
of memory

You are here
on the beaches of my memory
even though I drift the tides

If you should look
into a starlit night
and see a reflection of me
know only that
I will one day
come crashing again
to the shore
swept homeward
by the pull
of the tide


A Rose by any Other

C. Vincent Ferguson - Red Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Red Rose – Digital Image

“The east is yellow as a daffodil.
Three steeples—three stark swarthy arms—are thrust
Up from the town. The gnarlèd poplars thrill
Down the long street in some keen salty gust—
Straight from the sea and all the sailing ships—
Turn white, black, white again, with noises sweet
And swift. Back to the night the last star slips.
High up the air is motionless, a sheet
Of light. The east grows yellower apace,
And trembles: then, once more, and suddenly,
The salt wind blows, and in that moment’s space
Flame roofs, and poplar-tops, and steeples three;
From out the mist that wraps the river-ways,
The little boats, like torches, start ablaze.”


by Lizette Woodworth Reese

Tiffany – Another Pink Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - Tiffany Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Tiffany Rose – Digital Image

Well, I’ve been a flower taking nerd so far this season. The Flower Season that is. I’ve taken nearly 2000 images of flower so far this season. Out of those, I’ve found nearly 600 in my goal to reach 730 images of flowers this year. The season is only a quarter of the way done, it’s been a spectacular year for flowers. I can not walk by the garden without wanting to take some images. I could probably reach 1000 images of flowers this year. Out of all the different types of flowers I’ve created digital images of, the rose is by far the most prevalent. I’ve found 72 images of different varieties of roses so far this year. The public rose gardens in Portland have the varietal type of rose posted in each garden, so we know the particular variety of each rose. This year, I’ve kept special attention to these postings so hopefully not only will you be seeing a rose in my posts, but on many of the images you’ll get to see the special variety of the rose in each image.

This particular rose in today’s post is a Tiffany Rose. Very soft pink petals with just a hint of yellow emanating from it’s center. The color yellow in a rose symbolizes joy, gladness, and friendship, the pink represents love, gratitude and appreciation. This Tiffany Rose brings those two meaning together into one flower.

To celebrate the number of images I’ve found so far this year, I want to present some of these 72 images of roses I’ve found. Beginning June 1st, I’m going to post a Rose image every day for 21 days. Why 21? I don’t know, just seemed like a good number. So, if you visit often you’ll get to see some of the beautiful roses I’ve come across this year. It’s been a great experience finding all these roses.

Oh, and wanted to give profs to the 2015 Festival of Roses in Portland. Congratulations on another great festival.



Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation

Yves Piaget Pink Rose, Rose, Rosa, Rosaceae

Vincent Ferguson – Yves Piaget Pink Rose – Digital Image

Just wanted to show a little Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation on this Thursday Evening.

Yves Piaget Pink Rose