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What is a Bee to the Flower?

Yellow Iris Bee

I miss the Bees! Particularly the Honeybees.

That’s what it could sound like in a few years if we keep going the rate we’re going? Of course, right now I’m missing the bees because it’s the middle of Winter. I literally can’t wait to photograph bees among the flowers again this coming Summer!

According to a report published on the Bee Informed website last May, America lost 44% of it’s Honeybee population over the previous two years. That’s typically more than twice what the normal rate of honeybee loss is in an average year. The fact that the honeybee loss over the Summer season has increased dramatically, as well as the loss over the Winter Season increasing, has many folks very concerned. Personally, I feel this article, link above, puts a lot of blame on parasites rather than focusing on pesticides like Neonicotinoids. While the article does mention pesticides as contributing, it pretty much puts the blame on small backyard beekeepers. When a swarm of dead bees are found underneath a fruit tree that’s recently been sprayed with pesticides, as happened in Wilsonville, Oregon a few years back, I find it difficult to believe that’s because of a parasite from backyard beekeepers.

Anyway, it was Albert Einstein who said, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”That’s very concerning, I just hope we’re not in those last 4 years yet?

If America doesn’t care enough about it’s dwindling honeybee population, it’s my hope that another nation will pick up the slack?

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Which Yellow Iris do you Prefer? Visit the Post and Leave a Comment!

These two images are of the exact same flower, a beautiful Yellow Iris bud growing just down the street from where I live in SE Portland. I walked by the other day and found these images immediately, the second a mere few seconds after the first. The only difference is one image was taken with flash, the second without. Which do you like better? Be sure to share with your friends I want to get as much feedback on these images as I can. I appreciate your taking the time.



Purple and Pink Flowers

This week’s post is a great example of what can be photographed right out side your door.

I have a beautiful Azalea bush that blooms bright pink flower every Spring, right out side the front door of where I live. In the 9 years I’ve lived where I’m at, I’ve always looked forward to seeing this azalea bush bloom. This year, I added a Purple Iris flower into the front yard bloomage and decided to bring the two together. I went through the blooms on the azalea bus and picked out on the flowers that had run their course. I threw them into a tray and scattered about, creating a beautiful pink collage. Then I placed the Purple Iris on top. I placed the tray in the natural light right outside my front door, and went to get my tripod and camera. This week’s post presents three of the images I created during this session. To create these images, I didn’t have to step more than 10 feet away from the front door of where I live. Love the colors here. Plus, these images will make some beautiful Digital Mandalas, below I’m adding just one of those Digital Mandalas I sat and created yesterday. Be on the lookout for more coming up on the Digital Mandala Blog.

I hope you like, be sure to share this with your friends and neighbors.



Vince Ferguson - "V" - Digital Mandala

Vince Ferguson – “V” – Digital Mandala

Incredible Iris Macros

Here are a few of my favorite macro images from the beautiful Iris flower. These images were created this year during my walks around the neighborhood. I always feel like I’m invading the privacy of the very pretty flower. The flower in itself is pretty, but many of them magically become be more gorgeous when a petal is moved ever so slightly to reveal the hidden stamens and carpels. Plus the colors depicted in these particular images really brings out the natural goodness of these beauties.

Be sure to come back next week for more images of flowers and other odds and ends found around Portland, Oregon. Remember to share this post with your friends and connections.

You can also find prints of these image by visiting my Viewbug profile titled Emerald Studio Photography.



Beautiful Flowers

Here are a couple beautiful floral images to brighten your winter gray day, and hopefully get you through to the Spring time?

One would think that the Iris is my favorite flower, given all the Images of Irises I have created. Probably not here on my blog, but check out my View Bug page to see more. But it’s actually not, the Trillium flower of the Redwood Forests is my favorite flowers. That doesn’t mean the Iris isn’t a beautiful flower. It definitely is! And these are great images to prove it. I’ve got an image of a Trillium here too. Plus, an image of a Magnolia Flower, that I’ve recently taken. I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment, and check out more great images at my Facebook page.