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Green Cannabis Bud

I brought my camera over to a friends house the other day and focused it on some new strains of Cannabis that he’s growing right now. Perhaps the most excited image in this collection would be the first one? It’s a strain he calls Black Hulk because it’s a cross between Black Afghani and Bruce Banner Cannabis strains. It’s extremely beautiful and he says has an awesome flavor profile when smoked. The rest of the strains I got to photograph include a Snowman strain and Northern Lights strain! I’m pretty proud of these images, probably has much as my friend is to have grow these plants. Check the images out below and let us know in the comments how you think about them?



Vista Hills Vineyard

Visited the Vista Hills Vineyard in Yamhill County, Oregon a couple weeks back.

These are a few of the images I found while on my visit.


Marijuana Flower

These are images from the very start of my effort to document different strains of cannabis. The first two I get to create digital images of are the Gorilla Glue #4 and Jack Frost strains. I tied the freshly harvested budsĀ  up under the lights in my studio to let them dry for the next 5 – 7 days. I’ll be taking pictures and documenting along the way. Just like drying any plant. These ladies really have changed the smell around the studio these days. Two large buds cut straight from the plants. The images in this slide show are from the first 3 days of the process. Can you guess which strain is which? The labels are in the captions. Sit make and click on one images to start the slideshow. Some of these images appear somewhat blurry, but pretty decent none-the-less.

If you want high quality digital images of your plant, contact me for rates –

Check out these cools images on Fine Art America…

Enjoy responsibly…



Winter Holly Berries

Well, it looks as if Winter is here in the Pacific Northwest. While Winter officially doesn’t start for another couple weeks, the weather we’re getting is definitely Winter-like. I love the rain! The snow? I tend to have problems with. Fortunately, we don’t get a lot of that in Portland, OR anyway.

In getting ready for the gray colors of Winter, I wanted to feature some images with a little color. And the Golden Milkboy Holly bush filled that desire with plenitude. With it’s read berries and multi-colored leaves this plant is a hardy one that can withstand the Winters and Weather of a Northern climate. Portland is an ideal place to this plant to flourish. I found these images while walking around Hoyt Arboretum one morning. Hope you like? Let me know in the comments section, and remember to share this post with all your friends.



Post 5 – Outdoor Deception

Two outdoor shots are included in this post of the Emerald Studio Photography blog. The first I created in Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, OR – what is now a great park, was once an active volcano, and still is the only volcano within urban city limits of the US. I found this Gilded Flicker foraging around and decided to hang out to see if I’m treated to a good image. I took several, but this is my favorite. Feeling comfortable with it’s ability to hide at least partially in the grass, this guy was still skittish with me being there, and wouldn’t take her eyes off me the whole time I was there. She finally took off and joined it’s mate (?) in the tree.

The second image is of Mt. St. Helens, in SW Washington. I like this image because despite St. Helens being over 8000 feet tall, this image makes her look less so prominent in the landscape. She almost blends into the horizon.

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Gilded Flicker at Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, OR.

Mt. St. Helens, Side View.

3rd Post – Green Shots

Well, it’s not St. Pats day, however, here are some nice Digital Images that have a green focus in their subject. The first is a fantastic capture of a mallard shaking it’s head just as I was opening the lens of my camera creating a beautiful abstract image that I think looks pretty cool. The second is just an old image of a hostra leaf created with some early morning dew still hanging around. I hope you like these images as much as I do. Please share with your friends, and leave comments if you’re so moved to help promote these images.