Columbia River Birds of Prey

It’s kind of funny. I was at the Eagle Sanctuary near Astoria, OR and saw no eagles. Was closer to the mouth of the Columbia River in Warrenton, OR and saw two, plus a falcon surrounded by a bunch of blackbirds.

The first image is of course a falcon. I’m not adept enough to identify the type of falcon, perhaps a Redtail? But if you look closely¬† in the branch to the left of the falcon, you’ll see the head of a little blackbird. This blackbird got it inside it’s head that it was going to bug the big bird of prey, 5 times it’s size. Probably because it’s nest was nearby? There were actually several blackbirds attacking, swooping, chirping and all kinds of pinching a fit while this falcon stopped by. Finally it had enough and gently flew off to another tree, blackbirds trailing behind.

The eagle is a male, I was told at the time I found this image. There was a younger fledgling sitting in this tree also. Which I guess is rear? But alas the fledgling got cropped out of this image. He couldn’t really be seen through the branches anyway.

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Morning at Catherine Creek

I left Portland in the 6 o’clock hour this morning. Heading out Interstate 84 just for about 45 miles, crossing the might Columbia River over the Bridge of the Gods. Another 30 minutes East and I’m at my destination. Catherine Creek at sunrise.

It was wet, but only a light raining was falling upon arrival. We checked our bags, and donned the rain gear. Catherine Creek is a cut ravine on the Northern, Washington side of the Columbia River. The creek itself is one of many draining the lower hills, through a modest Oak Tree forest and directly into the Columbia River. The forest is young, maybe about 50 years, There are a couple older oaks, but not very many. it appeared today that many evergreen trees in the ravine might be infected with some disorder? There seemed to be a lot dying? The sides of the trails were littered with Grass Widows, little purple flowers suspiciously looking like crocuses.

Here are a collection of images I brought back with me today, the color green in most of these images is my contribution to the spirit of the day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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