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What is the Camellia Flower?

Camellia Japonica Mikenjaku

Alright, well in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon anyway, the cold snap has pretty much passed for this year. While we may still get a few more cold days inland of the coast, pretty much, the really cold weather for this Winter has passed. Of course, as soon as I say that, we’ll get an extended cold weather snap. May even still get some snow? But now we can start thinking about the warmer days ahead. Plus, the days are getting longer too – just the other day I stuck my head out the door at 5pm and celebrated that it’s still actually daylight at 5pm here. As you can tell, I like when it gets warmer.You might want to start looking closely at the outdoor plants in your neighborhood. You’ll see some tiny buds beginning their short blossom period. Fruit trees will have tiny little buds on them. Rhododendron plants will have large size buds on them.

Source: What is the Camellia Flower?


Candy Colored Camillias

Well, I think they are kind of Candy Colored anyway.

Here’s a link to a cool poem titled Camellia by Rabindranath Tagore.

I was surprised to find the Camellia Flower, which is extremely abundant in the Portland area, is essentially the same as the tea plant? So, perhaps after the apocalypse happens, and if I’m fortunate enough to survive, at least I’ll have a cup a tea handy.

There are many different varieties of this beautiful flower. What’s included in this post represents only a small sample of what can be found out in our local parks and gardens. Never-the-less, these flowers are beautiful. I hope you like them also? Please share this post and blog with your friends and connections.

Be sure to come back next week, so see more great images from my travels around the local neighborhood and beyond.