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Green Cannabis Bud

I brought my camera over to a friends house the other day and focused it on some new strains of Cannabis that he’s growing right now. Perhaps the most excited image in this collection would be the first one? It’s a strain he calls Black Hulk because it’s a cross between Black Afghani and Bruce Banner Cannabis strains. It’s extremely beautiful and he says has an awesome flavor profile when smoked. The rest of the strains I got to photograph include a Snowman strain and Northern Lights strain! I’m pretty proud of these images, probably has much as my friend is to have grow these plants. Check the images out below and let us know in the comments how you think about them?


Red Rose Bud

C. Vincent Ferguson - Red Rose Bud - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Red Rose Bud – Digital Image

I wanted to present one more Red Rose Bud in this month long celebration of the rose flower during this month of June. The Red Rose flower is probably the most popular rose flower, or even flower in existence. It’s usually given to loved ones to emphasis that love for another person. This flower grows very expensive around Valentines day in February and Mother’s Day in May. I don’t remember what specific variety of red rose this flower is, but it sure it beautiful. Don’t you agree? Leave a comment below and please remember to share.



Peach Rose Bud

C. Vincent Ferguson - Peach Rose Bud - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Peach Rose Bud – Digital Image

Never Meant to Be

by Earthbound Angel

Softly as a gentle breeze,
Love crept into my heart
So softly I did not realize
Until we came to part.
‘Twas then that love so suddenly
Grew claws, and without warning
Clamped around my heart and left
Me bleeding and in mourning.
So stunned was I by this attack,
I did not cry out “stay! ”
And, frowning at my silence,
You turned and walked away.
I never knew, until you left,
How much you’d meant to me
And now you’re gone, I guess
Our love was never meant to be.

Which Yellow Iris do you Prefer? Visit the Post and Leave a Comment!

These two images are of the exact same flower, a beautiful Yellow Iris bud growing just down the street from where I live in SE Portland. I walked by the other day and found these images immediately, the second a mere few seconds after the first. The only difference is one image was taken with flash, the second without. Which do you like better? Be sure to share with your friends I want to get as much feedback on these images as I can. I appreciate your taking the time.